The Cancer Support Center

Organization Stories

New Star "Work"

A 4-min video detailing the employment opportunities that New Star offers their consumers

Homewood Science Center "Pop Up Science @ Home"

A 2 1/2-min video showing how Homewood Science Center continues their mission even during COVID-19

Lake County Coroner's Office


A 4-min video highlighting the work done by the Coroner's Office.

Open Access

"Thanksgiving 2020"

A 1-min video asking viewers

to donate to their annual food drive

Individual Stories



A 1-min video about how, after going through the foster system as a child, Sherri now helps foster kids find their way

District 153

"Aveece Wesley"

A 1-min video celebrating the work of Aveece Wesley, the receptionist at Churchill School in Homewood

Restoration Ministries


A 2-min video telling the story  of Grace and her battle with alcohol addiction.

Pole Vaulting


A 1-min video about Jasmine and her passion for pole vaulting