Homewood Science Center - "Pop Up Science At Home"

A two minute video about how Homewood Science Center continues to serve the community, even through the pandemic

District 153 - "Extra-Curriculars"

A four minute video highlighting the extra curricular opportunities that Elementary School District 153 offers to their students

St. Joseph Parish - "Angels"

A nine and a half minute film telling the story of two women making incredibly unique hand crafted angels 

Open Access  - “Thanksgiving 2019”

A one-minute video showing the power of a community coming together to help people in need.

Homewood Arts Council - "Underachiever's Race"

A one minute video highlighting the annual 0.3k race put on by the Homewood Arts Council 

Suburban Access - "Jimmie's Story"

A three minute video telling the story of a young man with intellectual disabilities, and the full life he is able to lead, thanks in part to help from a local organization.

District 153 - "Volunteers

A four minute film telling the stories of parents who volunteered in their student's schools and the benefits they provided for their children.

Village of Homewood - "Bus Safety"

A two minute, lighthearted video teaching bus safety, with the help of a few kindergarten "drivers"

New Star - "Work"

A four minute video detailing the many employment opportunities available to adults with intellectual disabilities.

Homewood Science Center - "Engineering Field Trip"

A three minute video highlighting the Science Center's program that teaches children the science behind building roller coasters


A twenty six minute documentary about basketball player Richie Jordan that aired nationally on PBS 

"Rebel Bells"

A 2 minute trailer for Rebel Bells, a film by Anne Colton and Michelle Yates, depicting a group of women in the Calumet region fighting against environmental racism